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Tutor Placement Fee Structure

Tutor Package Rates

Primary School Tutor Rate:  Minimum R200 per hour
High School Tutor Rate:  Minimum R280 per hour
Important Note:  Special education / remedial needs tutoring rates determined by level of qualification and experience of tutor as well as particular needs of the child and may be higher than recommended rates.

  • 5-9 Hours:  25% of total rate for total hours tutored
  • 10-15 Hours:  20% of total rate for total hours tutored
  • Regular Package 1:  R2000 once-off fee (max 2 hours per week on indefinite basis).  Regular package refers to minimum 3 months tutoring
  • Regular Package 2:  R2750 once-off fee (in excess of 3 hours per week on indefinite basis).  Regular package refers to minimum 3 months tutoring.

  • Client is responsible for direct payment to tutor at agreed hourly rate.
  • MLAP to invoice client on confirmation of the tutor appointment.
  • Invoices to be paid prior to tutor commencing service.  No tutor will be permitted to start the assignment until payment has been received.
  • Placement fee is per tutor, per child
  • Family will be liable for full applicable placement fee in the event they refer a MLAP tutor, introduced through MLAP, to any third party
  • One hour guarantee
  • Each package is charged for independently
  • Minimum MLAP charge of R250 is levied - 5 hours at 25%
  • In the event of family exceeding their agreed 5 or 10-hour package, MLAP will be legible to charge family the R2000 / R2750 once-off placement fee as per the Regular Package
  • Cancellation of Sessions:  family liable for full payment to tutor for any sessions cancelled by the family less than 24 hours prior to scheduled time and session not rescheduled
  • By making use of the services of Mother's Load Au Pairs (Pty) Ltd you are agreeing to our terms and condition of service.