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How Does the Recruitment Process Work?

We source and place au pairs, facilitators and tutors on either a full or part-time basis who are deemed the most suitable for the position at hand for families.  While there are many online services available, we still operate "old-school" and our processes, while we are continually trying to refine and improve them, can sometimes take time.  The nature of our work is time-intensive in that we need to spend time with both candidates and families to facilitate the matching process.

How  the Recruitment Service Process Works:


  • On contacting MLAP, we will request a full job brief and history from the family by completing our family application form so that we have the best possible overview of your specific requirements
  • A meeting is then set up with family to discuss brief in full and get the "softer" side of the piece of paper we have in front of us.  Sometimes personal meetings are not always possible due to geographical or schedule constraints but we will do all we can to get all the relevant and important information to facilitate a successful placement telephonically
  • Family will receive MLAP's rates as well as agreement of service to sign.  It is important to note that the agreement does NOT obligate the family to make use of MLAP's services but it is an acknowledgement of your understanding of our terms and conditions in event of successful placement being made through MLAP.
  • Only once the signed agreement and family application forms have been received will MLAP be able to move onto PHASE 2


  • Suitable candidates on file are referred immediately for consideration
  • All candidates are interviewed and reference checked - only those candidates we feel we could comfortably say "YES!" to taking care of our children and working in our homes are considered suitable to refer.
  • In the event that there are no suitable candidates matching your brief on our current database new candidates will be sourced, interviewed and vetted
  • Only candidates who best suit and fit the family's requirements will be put forward for consideration with a maximum of 3 CV's being put forward for consideration to avoid confusing the family's hiring decision
  • We'll co-ordinate and set up the interviews between family and candidate/s - please see tips for interviewing
  • Feedback is then obtained from both family and candidate/s
  • Offer to be received by MLAP from family IN WRITING as soon as possible - you risk losing your chosen candidate to another family if you delay in getting this information together.
  • MLAP to discuss the offer with the successful candidate
  • In the event that none of our candidates are deemed suitable, MLAP will continue with the search process


  • Final background checks conducted:  criminal, credit & license
  • MLAP to send confirmation of offer and acceptance documentation to both family and candidate
    Families are provided with standard employment contract to complete - this contract to be discussed in person with candidate and signed by both parties for their personal records
  • Invoicing prepared on confirmation of the candidate's appointment
  • Payment is required prior to confirmed start date.  MLAP is entitled to delay the confirmed start date until payment has been received


  • We follow up periodically with both family and candidate within the first two months of placement to check if all going well
  • Families and candidates are welcome to contact us should they have any further queries or concerns within that period and we will provide guidance
  • After two months, the placement is considered successful and family and candidate are to manage their employment agreement as per employer/employee would usually do.
  • Testimonials greatly appreciated from both candidate and family


 Considering the nature of our families special requirements for their children, we have partnered with individuals, who are well respected in their fields working with remedial children, who will assist our candidates with Facilitator training.  This training is centred around working with a child's behaviour, classroom etiquette, how to manage and say "no" nicely to children that the Facilitator is not concerned with.

While we endevour to find you the best possible person to work with your family, there are occasions where we are not successful.  In the three years of existance we have maintained a high percentage success rate that we are very proud of.  We will ONLY refer candidates who are deemed suitable and compatible for your child and family and should we struggle to find that one person, we would prefer not to place with your family than just referring CV's for the sake of it.  Our success rates are high in au pairing, facilitation and tutoring placements for this reason.  Have we had unsuccessful placements? Of course we have!  We're dealing with people after all but the ratios have been very low and we attribute this to our approach and processes.