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Au Pair 


1 - 3 Hours per day:   R4 500 - R5 000 per month
4 Hours per day:         R5 500 - R6 000 per month
5 Hours per day:        R6 500 - R8 000 per month
6 - 8 Hours per day:   R8 500 - R10 000 per month
10 + Hours per day:   R13 000 - R15 000 per month

Hourly Rate:              R60 - R120 per hour

Important Notes: 
  • Hourly rates are calculated at minimum 2 hours per day even if only 1 hour of service is required
  • Hourly rates determined by number of hours required, level of responsibility and qualification required
  • These figures are guidelines only and will also be determined by level of qualification and experience of candidate
  • Saturday's:  1.5 normal hourly rate
  • Sunday's & Public Holidays:  double hourly rate
  • R4.50 per km recommended for travel reimbursement


A facilitator's remuneration is determined by a few factors, namely:

  • Qualification and experience of the individual
  • Responsibilities of the facilitator
  • Is the facilitation to take place in a school or a home environment
  • Family budget/affordability (but only to a much lesser degree)

Contact us to discuss your personal facilitation requirements for your child and we will guide you in this regard.